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Our fields are NOT green deserts,

DaMata Chillies: Tropical production of chillies using an intercropping method native forest canopy or in a damaged forest in recovery. Capsicum sp in Bahia, Brazil: the right plant in its climatically perfect natural environment. ( LEIA - Low-External Input Agriculture )

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When the question as to what to plant was presented the chili pepper (Capsicum s.) was chosen for the following reasons:
- it genetically originated in this area;
- there are many generations of priceless family experience associated with its cultivation;
- existence of records dating hundreds of years document cultivation of these plants in this region; and
- no competition with farmers cultivating in this region.

Interestingly, an artisanal approach to this type of cultivation has existed for hundreds of years in this region.

I am an agriculturist and I use the most updated contemporary agronomical knowledge available. I do this not as a sterile factory of uniform production for goods destined to a shelf-life until sold to misinformed consumers who have no PREREQUISITES AS TO HOW, WHERE, BY WHOM, AND WITH WHAT SOCIAL AND/OR ENVIRONMENTAL CONSEQUENCES was this product produced.

We work with different fundamental criteria than those who promote ecogenocidal marketing economics. Presently marketing machinery manipulate the world economy by imposing on consumer choices and, consequently, dictating economically viable production criteria.
It is imperative that we recognize and remove ourselves from this addictive game of poor quality supply and intentionally misinterpreted demand, advertised ideas based on disfunctional and unsustainable criteria which support the monetary sequence of values while suppressing the immeasurable significance of the life sequence of values.

Simply put, consumers are victims of lack of quality goods and producers are victims of marketing uniformity in a world where maximum profit is the only criteria. Enough!! "The market dictates the rules" the consumer can influence the market by buying conscientiously.

This is not all that interests me regarding Agronomy. I decided years ago to work alone and exclusively with agricultural programs which promote Biodiversity and which have a sincere and transparent respect for the Natural Environment. I could work using other methods, cultivate a variety of plants, and I can do this in many different places in the world. I chose Brazil.

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